Padua Hospitals area double garage

Reference PD90441
Price 35.000 €
Contract Sale
Typology Garage
City Padova
Area Ospedali
Sq.m. 26
Property exclusively for the Padova MLS Group ref. 90441

PADUA - AREA CONVENIENT TO HOSPITALS AND STANGA AREA - In an office/commercial and residential context, double garage available in width of approx. 26 m2, in the basement, with comfortable maneuvering space.

Requested price: €. 38,000.00.

Available immediately.

Q. Why do I see that the advertisement for this property is also posted by other agencies?

R. Simple and transparent: This is a property provided with a regular assignment by the seller conferred to a single agency of the Padova MLS group, which thanks to the exclusive method of collaboration allows all participating agencies to expand and enhance visibility of the same. This activity is duly regulated between the agency holding the mandate by the Seller and the agencies authorized to propose it.

Q. So what changes for those looking for a home?

A. Thanks to this service, the customer will be able to search without territorial limits for the desired home with the assistance of a SINGLE INTERLOCUTOR, who will be able to help and advise him in choosing among ALL the properties available in the network of agencies that make use of this work system. reducing the times of a frantic search and continuous request for information, and the seller sees the promotion of his property amplified.


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Padua Hospitals area double garage